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​        You have arrived at Ground Zero for those who want someone they can vote for who is not only NOT Trump or Clinton but committed to positive solutions to our problems.  If you ask, people will tell you why they don't like Trump or  Hillary. There are many reasons.  But to be positive the high negatives have opened up a path we can use to change our dialog and direction.  Instead of becoming stuck in the morass of ideology and -isms, we can focus in on  solving the problems caused by failed programs, Crony Capitalists and bureaucracy.  

          Instead of becoming enmeshed in the ​personalities of the candidates, or your assumptions about the political parties to which they belong instead look at what you, and most of us, really want.  A return to prosperity, accountability for everyone, starting with the corporations, and real justice for all of us.  How about a house you can afford that does not start falling apart the moment you sign the mortgage note?  How about a court system where you don't have to be rich to get a fair hearing?  How about logical, reasonable solutions to our problems which say, "We care about doing the right thing?"  Believe it or not, we can have this.  

          Forget about their personalities.  The less said about that the better. Instead, think first about what you want.  For almost all of us who are sane that is Peace, Prosperity, Clean air, water, land - and justice.  Justice matters a lot.  

            Get us out of countries where we are killing for oil.  Get out of our way so we can create prosperity and rebuild America.    Go to Campaigning on the menu to get started.  Today, as never before, we, the People, can do it ourselves acting together in peace. And here are the guys who will do the job for us.  

If Barry Goldwater was alive today, these would be his candidates. Barry was a real conservative.  
The Dauntless Duo - Gary and Bill
The Libertarian Ticket