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Who's Your Candidate?
The Best Candidate (s) for the Job
         The unmajor candidates below are startlingly normal people, courteous and interested in helping others.  We think that is an important qualification for the job of President.  The person elected to the office should be of good conscience and committed to carrying out the will of the people.  The list has gotten a lot shorter of late, with the Republican Convention now over.  Trump is the GOP candidate, and he and his VP candidate, Pence are, well, not a lot less expensive together than Trump is all by himself.  Trump would clearly spend lavishly using our money.

Did it every occur to you that presidents cost too much and have lousy judgement?  

The difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is too tiny to matter to matter. Either one would move us further toward fascism, this varying only by flavor. 

Myself, I've had enough of this. Why are they giving the orders when they are supposedly working for us, the American people? How about instead of electing either of the major turkeys we go pick out a more modest model, one who will happily pledge to do what we tell them to do. Normally, this would be a tough proposition but now so many things are wrong we have action items which nearly all Americans, except the NeoCons who everyone knows are employees of the corporate elite anyway, so who cares what they want?  

So let's go get one of those generic brand candidates who have been eliminated or overlooked and, after extracting binding promises from them elect them instead? That's right, forget about the drama of personalities. This time take charge of change. Focus on these issues and demand a candidate who will deliver. Here is a graphic representation of why we need to look elsewhere for an acceptable candidate.

Too Expensive for America
We need modestly prices candidates who will carry out our agenda for helping Americans get back on their feet by holding those who defrauded all of us accountable.  The candidates above have expensive ideas and habits.  We need servicable, generic candidates.  And now there is only one choice for a low cost, thrifty inhabitant of the Oval Office, the unlikely, but thrifty Gary Johnson, who comes pre-packaged with a William Weld model.  Not bad.    

And Gary and Willy (Bill) have a secret.  In their real lives, when they are not being mundane, ordinary and borning,  they are super heroes.