Our Issues

Who's Your Candidate?
Issues of Substance and Requests for Action

Is there a candidate out there who can climb out of the present paradigm and take action?   That is the Trillion Dollar question we are asking.  Now, there is only one possibility when you consider the issues.  The correct direction is sustainability, essential for humanity and for the planet on which we live.   It is sad, but true, that most people cannot see their way out of the -isms to a world where politics becomes irrelevant.  Get the thrifty, boring candidates, ones who will deliver on the issues below.  Just ask them, they will shrug and say, "Sure, why not?"   

On Inauguration Day will you:

           Number One: Order any and all prosecution for marijuana and hemp to cease forthwith.  

           Number Two: Release all prisoners convicted of victimless crimes, starting with pot.  

           Number Three: Order the Department of Justice to investigate the banks responsible for the Meltdown.

During your first year will you:

          Number Four: Encourage the building of Sustainable housing for the homeless, those defrauded by the Mortgage Scam, the disabled, the elderly, and others victimized by predatory corporations as a follow up on the investigations.  Accountability for fraud must  include making the victims whole.

          Number Five: Start a  mutual insurance company allowing options for alternative health care.

          Number Six: Mandate the use of only sustainable building materials for all Federal projects.

You might wonder, “Is this to be politically correct?”  No. it is to save money for taxpayers and for our own housing. These materials are less expensive, stronger, more durable and in increasing use in countries not controlled by corporate greed, but sold for many times what the products we have identified cost. Additionally, they are entirely sustainable and in many areas the only really safe building technology. (Ask Californians)

Visit GeoPolymer Institute if you would like to know more about this technology. 3DPrinting can lower the cost of construction and  restoring infrastructure, essential to the well being and safety all of us need. There are several working examples of this.

Government is the servant of the People and as such needs to carry out the will of the people and ensure our rights are protected.   Here are some specific actions we want Our Candidate to adopt as action items. 

To be carried out immediately after the Inauguration in January 2017.  We picked these so the 
Candidate can visibly confirm our agreement for action.    

​     Stay Tuned for a New Kind of Reality Show
For a New Reality

Dialog, sharing, and seeing are great persuaders.  

Get ready for Hi TV, the Networks where 

Good Will, Honesty and Friendship are 

The Reality